Launch Utilities for your NFT collections in a few clicks.
Connect your crypto wallet and import the NFT collection with the collection contract address. Add the Utility Name and the expiry time and date. Click on add and you are done. All your NFT holders can now claim your Utility.
EARN through your NFT Utilities without having to rent your NFT.
Connect your wallet as a User. Click on your NFT collection to view your NFT Utilities. Claim the Utilities and now you can trade then P2P or list them in our Utilities only marketplace at your price. Or redeem the Utility you want to use at anytime.
why us
With Strive buyers will get access to a diverse range of NFT utilities that allow you to interact with and be a part of multiple communities. On-chain verification ensures that the utilities being purchased are legitimate, adding an extra layer of security and trust. The conditional ownership model allows for flexibility in utility ownership, enabling buyers to access and use utilities without committing to a full NFT purchase. Buyers can also monetize further by reselling them for a profit, creating a valuable revenue stream for those interested in investing in NFTs.
NFT creators now have a greater degree of flexibility by providing more utility options for their users, which not only can enhance the value of their NFT collections, but also increase engagement. Verified utilities add an extra layer of security, and the ability to monetize beyond the initial sale through a secondary marketplace built solely for utilities creates a new revenue stream. By providing utilities, creators can attract the NFT Community at large towards their collection. The platform enables creative opportunities for collaboration and access to a wider audience, creating a stronger sense of trust and community around NFT collections.
New Monetization Avenue:
Allow NFT Collections to generate revenue after the initial sale.
Enrich NFT Collections:
Enrich existing collections with new & old utilities to promote & drive growth towards your collections goals & increase loyalty within the community.
Dynamic & Interactive Ecosystem:
Allow users across Web3 communities to trade these benefits with each other, encouraging participation & collaboration.
Increase liquidity of NFTs through new use-cases, allowing users to sell or rent associated utilities with others who have a different use-case in mind.
Increase Engagement:
Create new ways to gamify ownership and create incentives for certain actions or behaviours.
Open the door to create new & unique utilities to differentiate & offer unique compelling experiences.
Are you ready to List or Buy your first utility?